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Simple Tips for a Better Game —



Don’t be a mindless range rat when working on your full swing.Ensureyour personal “pre-swing routine” as you would on the course is followed to the second……take one deliberate, mindful practice swing before each shot, mimicking the feel or technique you’re working on that day. For example,1-breath 2-visualize your shot and the swing that goes with it 3-intermediate target I got this for your mental preparation , make a purposeful rehearsal that employs your new swing routine every time …..then repeat it when hitting the shot. This helps you reinforce the new motor skill you’re trying to learn. It also keeps you focused on the all-important process of the swing, not just the quality of the contact. The key point. (GET OUT OF RESUTS! GET INTO PROCESS )


On the practice tee, visualize a course you know well and “play” an entire nine or 18 holes [minus putts]. If the first “hole” calls for driver, then 6-iron, then wedge, hit those clubs in succession; choose a specific target for each shot, and follow your normal pre-shot routine. This drill makes you hit your clubs in random order, just as you would on the course, and it also helps you work on visualization. Turn it into a game. Give yourself a score — one point for a quality swing, zero for each so-so shot, and minus-one for poor shots [tops, chunks, etc.]. Your goal? Beat the previous score by at least one point. The key point “DO WHAT YOU WOULD ON THE COURSE”


On the practice green, take five balls and hit chips of various lengths to your target hole until you knock all five to within a club-length of the cup [make it two or three club-lengths if chipping isn’t your strength]. Once you go five-for-five, repeat the drill, this time trying to knock them all inside, say, the steel of the club. Hey, we told you this would be hard! Key point (Different targets each time) play for a score of 22 for 9 holes putting out 17 is my goal 1 chip in and 8 2s…… fun


Find a straight five-foot putt on your practice green and keep rollin’ ’em until you make 50 — yes, 50! — in a row, going back to zero after every miss. Is this easy? Heck no. It might take you two hours, it might take you two days. But it’s doable. Once you get to 47, 48, 49 putts…well, that’s where you’ll learn what pressure is. This drill smoothes out your short stroke and banishes the fear of knee-knockers. Don’t give up until you’ve rolled in No. 50, or until your wife sends out a search party. [And take the occasional break to stretch your lower back!] key point ….. do it or lower your expectations.


Few weekend golfers practice hitting wedges at less than full distances, but you face those shots all the time on the course. Pick three awkward distances — 35, 50 and 75 yards, respectively — and hit ten balls at each target. Give yourself a point for each ball that lands within what you consider an acceptable distance — perhaps 15 to 30 feet. Whatever you score, try to beat that number the next day, with the perfect score of 30 being your Holy Grail. Key point PRE SHOT PRE SHOT


Instead of mindlessly blasting sand shots from the practice bunker, let a precise goal sharpen your prep. Choose a challenging radius around a hole — it could be 10 feet or 50 feet, depending on your skill level. Using five balls, try to blast all five shots within your chosen radius. Give yourself two points for hole-outs, one point for inside-the-radius shots, and zero points for all others. Once you score five points with five swings, you win! Now shrink your radius, choose a new distance, and start all over.

If you have questions please call Gil Benavidez directly for my practice packages I can show you all games in 2 sessions 4 hours call foe price 480-298-3894

­Jason Johnson —

I started getting instruction from Gil a couple of years ago after a hiatus from the game of approximately 15 years. Previous of that I took many lessons/classes from numerous club professionals and must say that with Gil’s teaching he has helped me build a base that has allowed my game to grow into something that I never thought possible. The biggest difference I have found is that while most instructors will work with you on the range rarely will they take what you have learned there and apply it to the course in actual gameplay like Gil does.

While I had a foundation of having learned the game during my formative years I still struggled to find the consistency to shoot rounds under 90, and truthfully found myself shooting over 95 more than not.

With Gil’s gameplay focused teaching we didn’t work constantly to rebuild my swing, instead we worked with it to highlight how I could find the sweet spot and deliver the PURE ball striking found in consistent golf.

When we started working together I could say that my weakest aspect was my short game. I would routinely add up shots around the green and rely on gimme putts to finish out holes. I believe our first 5 lessons were nothing more than short game “seminars” if you will and in my actual game play that first month no matter how close the putt I was to finish it out. While frustrating then, I realize now that this wake up call was one of the best things to happen to my game. We built a foundation, including getting a custom fit putter in order to develop that “stroke”. Now I’m one of the top putters in my men’s league, sinking more of those long distance putts, and draining those inside of ten feet routinely no longer relying on those old gimmes to get out of a hole.

In summary, finding Gil was the best thing to happen to my golf game and allowed me to go from frustration club slamming time to actually having a blast on the course. Scoring wise I’m now shooting around 80 routinely and owe a large part to the mentorship of Gil. My swing is not drastically different, but my attitude about everything else on the course is from when I first arrive to my pre­shot routine.

Even my attitude on the driving range and the practice green has changed. If you’re looking to discover your golf game then I believe you need to look no farther than Gil Benavidez.

­Jason Johnson

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Rules to live by —

1. Luck doesn’t exist. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Prepare yourself to be the best, and then the opportunity will arise. It doesn’t work the other way around.

2. SLOW DOWN. Rediscover your joy. When you feel a deep sense of relaxation throughout your whole body, you’re reminded of why you love what you’re doing, an unlimited abundance of great shots lie ahead.

3. You control what you think. Don’t get stuck in your head. In the event of a bad shot, you can say things like: “Interesting… It’s unlike me to shoot that way.” By not reacting to any “failure,” you’ll keep your center in check and avoid sabotaging the shots you have ahead.

4. Let go. There is always another shot waiting for you. Your score is directly related to your ability to forget past bad shots and let them go.

5. Talent is a myth. Be consistent. Being consistent with your actions is how you maintain the endurance and the strength to carry yourself where you’re going. Consistency will always reap benefits. Sure, talent can help. But it is not enough. Practice makes you a master. At everything.

6. Practice self-love. Become interested in what nurtures and nourishes you and those around you. When your pre-game routine comes from this place it will lead you into a fabulous round of golf, life, anything…

7. Reflect often. Acknowledge your successes and where you can still grow daily.

8. Breathe. When you breathe freely and relax, you’re able to express your natural gifts and abilities. Breathe. Enjoy the moment.

9. Remember the positive “Cs:” clarity, commitment, confidence. Be clear about your next shot; visualize the target and the shot you want to execute. Be committed to that shot; gather all your energy and direct it to create what you’ve visualized. Be confident about your shot; trust your swing and the power of what you’ve set yourself up for.

10. Release the negative “Cs:” compare, complain, criticize. These three Cs are the poison of your spirit. They drain your energy, and are a sure pathway to failure. When you discipline yourself to stop, you’ll be well on your way toward success on and off the green.

11. Take 100 percent responsibility. You are not a victim of the course, of the wind, or of the rules of golf. The more you’re peaceful and centered, the more you will post a low score. Take responsibility for what’s going on in your life and peace will follow. Trust your ball striking trust your practice….

12. You are AMAZING. Always come from a mentality of amazingness. From this state, you won’t be able to buy into a scarcity mentality,  naysayers which is especially vital when the stakes are high. You are the best possible player you can be at this moment in time. Play your game not someone’s definition of the way it’s supposed to be.

13. Play with your heart. Reside in the strength of your heart in every situation. Send the ball to the hole with the intention trust your pre shot routine . Love the ball, love the clubs, love it all. Love your wedges and love your putter…..

14. Trust the process. Success is about the process, not the end product. Keep your focus on what you can control, and your score will follow.

15. Smile. Golf is just a game, and so is life. Both have moments that feel very serious, but the reality is, everything moves on. This moment — this game — won’t last forever. If you’re not taking every opportunity to enjoy yourself, what’s the point?

Your dog will still love the wife won’t leave you and the sun will come up tomorrow ….

Marie Harder —

I have been taking golf lessons with Gil for years. Everytime I return to him its because an old “bad habit” has crept back into my game and I need his astute observation, diagnosis and correction. He is always friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in making sure that I return to hitting great shots and enjoying the most from my golf experience. I recommend him to golfers of all levels as he truly has something to offer to everyone.

Marie Harder Arizona resident 23 years

Lenor —

Gil has been a fantastic golf instructor. I was fairly nervous to begin learning a new sport and originally began the sport for the ability to play at the conferences that I have to go to for work. I have met with Gil for 4 sessions already and have fallen in love with the sport. He has helped me gain the confidence and build a love for the sport. He is extremely flexible with time and willing to work with you on your own personal goals. He is not only very experienced and professional but he is also a very personable individual with a very positive view on life and learning. I am looking forward to working with Gil for as long as I live and work in Arizona.

Lenor April 2016 Arizona resident 12 years

Katrina —

I met Gil on the golf course when he was working with one of his students. They joined me and my husband and played a few holes with us. We liked Gil as soon as we met him, and after seeing his coaching style thought he could help me with my golf game. I have only had two sessions with Gil, and my game has already improved. I love his coaching style! We work on the range and then move to the golf course and practice what we have learned. In the past I have struggled hitting the ball over water. Last lesson I hit over 20 balls over the water on three different holes.In four years I haven’t hit that many balls over the water. I am improving and having fun at the same time. I can’t wait for my next lesson!

Katrina  Arizona resident 10years

Jim C. —

Gil is a wonderful golf instructor. He’s positive, knowledgable, and personable. I will definitely be working with him for the long term. He’s very welcoming to all skill levels and makes it easy for his students to fall in love with the game of golf.

Jim C. Dec 9, 2014 Canadian snowbirds

Parag A. —

Gil has been my instructor for several years. He has been absolutely fantastic and has brought me along at a gradual pace. He has me playing golf for the fun of it,and now, thanks to him, I am really enjoying playing golf. Gil is a real student, he astounds me with his knowledge of every facet of this game. I look forward to playing with him on the course and practicing on the range as I know I will learn something new every time this transpires. I highly recommend Gil, irregardless of your ability to play the game, he feels comfortable instructing beginners as well as the advanced player.

Parag A. Dec 8, 2014 Arizona resident 15 years

Kathy Rose —

It has been a delight to work with Gil. I have been impressed by his dedication and professionalism. Gil has helped me in learning golf and after each session with him, I have seen marked improvement in my game.

Kathy Rose 20years Arizona resident