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Improve your golf fitness —

This is a good time of year to consider your golf fitness. You will no doubt have read about the serious gym work that the top Professionals now undertake as they fulfill their ambitions to be winners and ‘athletes’.


You may not consider yourself an ‘athlete’ and it may have been some time since you were a winner, but you should give some thought to the key areas of your golf fitness. I’m not suggesting that you start bench pressing and arm curling. But I am suggesting you spend a little time thinking about what you can do to extend your golf playing career, even improve your golf, and, as we all want, improve your quality of life (with an extra round of golf per month being my target for you).


The science of physiology has moved on a way since Gary Player was recommending 25 press ups on your finger tips and 100 press ups to start the day. And while he may appear a little old fashioned in the exercises, if you run into Gary Player today, you wouldn’t believe how young his body is.


So think about finding a way of at least improving your flexibility and your core muscle fitness. I suspect you’ll see more enjoyment in your golf and probably some improvements. Contact me if i can help

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