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John Betts —

Hi. My name is John. I am not really sure how to start and finish this testimonial to Gil. So here I go.

I started golfing in Arizona in Jan, 2014. ( I golfed 30 years earlier for a season, if you want to call it golfing.) My first time out in AZ, I shot 65 on a 9 hole par 3 golf course. With help from my friends, I reduced my score to 50. One of my friends (Buck), suggested that he could hook me up with Gil. This was the start of an incredible journey and more importantly, friendship.

After meeting with Gil we started “lessons”. They were nothing short of amazing. I mostly shot 18 holes with Gil as he patiently gave me tips (lessons). Over the next 3 months, I took weekly lessons from Gil. Gil always makes sure you have fun. It was a trip for sure.

Fast forward to October 2014. Spending the summer here in Alberta, Canada, I have golfed often. Most people do not believe I have only been golfing since Jan. I am no super star for sure, but my score has come down a great deal. I have recommended Gil to my brother, son in law and several friends. When ever we golf, often heard is, Gil said to do this. We call it Gil­ism, which translates to truism.

I, as well as everyone else, I am sure, go on you tube and look at lessons. They are good, but at the end of the day, we all go back to” Gil said.” Gil does not try to change to your swing or make you a PGA player. He wants to make sure you have fun. He succeeds 100%. Take a lesson or 100. You will love it.

John Betts

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