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Brian Brackeen —

I have worked with Gil for half a year now, have learned a great deal and have honestly enjoyed the long sessions, hot or cold outside, when working with Gil.
His techniques, his approach and most importantly,  his demeanor of “wanting the best” for each student, is without question, OUTSTANDING!
I myself was basically a 30 handicapper, lost a dozen balls each round, rarely broke 100 and for me, was simply not happy golfing and was about to sell all my clubs, find a different hobby. That was until I actually played with Gil, unknowing who he was, got paired up with him and one of his “older” students one day in Ahwatukee.
 After a few holes, he noticed I was frustrated, lightly mentioned a few small things I might try, just to help my game. I’ve played basketball in college, excelled in racquetball and ping pong, but man, golf was the real test and my game just wasn’t improving, numerous bad habits, unclear about game management and shot selection, but that one day, those few short holes, I had already seen a positive change.
I decided that afternoon in the club house, to give Gil a shot, see what could happen and give golf one last shot.
I’m 51, I have worked with Gil about 4-5 times per month, have witnessed him work with young kids, college kids, men and women,some much older than me, he literally “tailors” his instruction and motivation, to each and every person. He will get to know you, you will find him to be a Great Guy and in a very short time of not only physical evaluation but also mental evaluation, he will offer and provide and PROVE the techniques he uses, to help your game!
I’ve knocked of 12 strokes off my game, I lose maybe 1 ball per 18 holes now, really enjoy the game, can’t wait to either practice for 4 hours or play 27 holes with Gil, on course instruction in all aspects of the game.
I use to average 240 yards of the tee box, lost half the balls off the tee box alone, now, I’m up to averaging 270 yards, and mostly straight, no spin drives. It makes a huge difference when your first shot, is playable.
I would without reservation nor hesitation, refer anyone of any age to Gil, with him, you just can’t miss, he’s that GOOD FOLKS!
Brian Brackeen

Brian Brackeen
Brian Brackeen

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