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Don Abreu, Phoenix, AZ —

I was fortunate enough to meet Gil while working on my game at Ahwatukee CC in July 2013.  I found Gil to be a breath of fresh air and a welcome change to the same old, run of the mill teaching philosophies of the vast majority of teaching professionals.  In the past few years I’ve worked with two top rated professionals in Florida and I’ve both learned more and achieved more with Gil in the past 3 months than I did in two years with the other instructors.

What separates Gil from other instructors (especially in Arizona)?

First, Gil is a great communicator and explains his teaching points in the simplest of terms so his pupil will be able to easily understand how approach a particular shot.

Second, Gil doesn’t want to overhaul your swing.  Instead, he wants to show you how to make “your swing” as efficient as possible.  In other words, Swing Your Swing the Best Way Possible!

Third, Gil invests a great deal of himself and his time into improving you as a golfer.  He is very observant and thoughtful in his recommendations for swing or technical changes.  His recommended changes for improvement are coupled with very specific and easy to understand drills for the pupil to practice and perfect.

Fourth, unlike the majority of golf instructors, Gil genuinely believes in the value of “playing lessons” rather than spending all your time on the driving range.  I believe my overall game, and especially my short game, has dramatically improved because of our playing lessons together.

Finally, Gil is a great club fitter with an incredible depth of knowledge on how to improve your equipment at a very reasonable cost.  No matter whether it’s modifying your current clubs or ordering new equipment, Gil will set you up perfectly and cost effectively so that you can maximize your potential.

The bottom line is this:  In three short months my GHIN index dropped from a 9.0 to a 5.3 and I won four amateur tournaments in both Arizona and California.  Gil has helped me improve my short game to where my Up/Down percentage has improved from 35% to 65% conversion ratio and my average putts per round have also decreased significantly.

Do yourself a favor and experience Gil’s refreshing and innovative approach to golf instruction and you’ll be sure to improve your game and have a great time in the process.

Don Abreu

World Golfers Amateur Tour
Indian Wells Classic
Mission Hills Country Club
27 July 2013

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