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Craig R. Annis —

I have known Gil for over two years, as we both play at Ahwatukee Golf Club.  Gil has worked with me mostly thru on course play and course management.  His system is simple, straight forward and allows me to keep my basic swing and make some minimal changes with hand position, foot positioning and mind set.  I have had lessons from many different  Pros, and find they want to make major changes to my swing path, shoulders, feet, body turn etc.  Having arthritis, does not allow for a full body turn, Gil understood this and helped me understand a minor stance change and how that would allow me to turn more fully and allow my shoulders to finish properly.

Gil is very motivated to help me improve my scoring and enjoyment of the game of golf.  He is a willing supporter of Civic functions that support golf and has willingly volunteered himself and his services for our local American Legion.

Give him a try; I know you will be a happier golfer and an improved golfer!

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