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Jake Saady —

My name is Jake and I would like to tell you a little about me, my passion and Gil Benavidez.
First about my passion, and me, I have played golf most of my adult life, never had a hole in one but I keep trying. My best handicap was an eight, many years ago. Over the years that I have played golf I have taken many lessons. I have been generally disappointed with the teachers. They want to massage their ego, change my swing, stance and just about everything I had been doing for all of the time I had been playing golf. So I would go back and do what I had always done.
Some months ago, my game went terribly wrong. I was playing to a 12.9 and enjoying the game and all of a sudden little things started to go wrong. I would make small changes in an attempt to fix the problem which would only make it worse. In a matter of three months my handicap soared to 17.1. I was no longer enjoying the game that loved.
I decided to stop playing for a while.
When I mentioned my frustration to a friend, he told me about Gil. Being reluctant to see yet another pro teacher, I gave it great thought before I met with Gil. Once I met with Gil and agreed to take a series of lessons that were priced well below what I had paid in the past, I have thanked my friend a number of times.
Gil’s method of teaching was different than any other teacher that I had encountered. No grip changes to speak of and no major rebuilding but simply a return to basics. The focus was simple and very meaningful. I have taken six lessons and will probably return to continue to improve my game with the BEST GOLF TEACHER that I have ever encountered.
If you want to learn the game, improve your existing game or just work with a pro that talks a language a weekend golfer can understand, I highly recommend Gil Benavidez.

Jake Saady

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