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Jim Caldwell —

I commenced playing golf as a teenager.I then became very critical of my game, losing interest as it was not fun anymore to play so I quit.
I live in Canada, and spend the winters in Arizona. Now in retirement, I decided I may try playing again and met Gil.
I told him my story and he told me on the first session of the practice range that “golf is an easy game and let’s have some fun playing it”.After the first couple of swings he noticed my clubs were too short, so he took the clubs home and installed new grips to extend them about 11/2 inches. He also has replaced my woods, rescue club and putter.
We started out by going to the range and practicing the specifics of golf i.e. driver, fairway woods, scoring clubs, pitching and putting at the green.
We would then go to the course and Gil would play with me, his words were after hitting a bad shot, and initially there were many,”forget that shot and hit a better one next time”
Mathematicians say you can do no better than 100% , well Gil, I believe with your instruction, my game is now 200% better than when we initially met.
Gil is very easy-going, complementary and very positive in this thinking. He has an incredible knowledge of the game and is an extremely talented instructor. He has taught me a lot of the mechanics and technical aspects of the game that I did not know existed.
He says you have to play your own game and brings you along at your own pace. You can be a beginner or an accomplished golfer, I know Gil has the ability to improve your game whatever level you’re playing.
I look forward to our weekly sessions, and go to the range to practice what he has taught me during our previous time together.
I am still a beginner, but very competitive with myself and try to improve my game each time I am with him.
Golf is a game I now intend to make as one of my priorities in retirement. I look forward to returning to Arizona next year and playing with Gil again.
As I stated previously, you are very patient and an incredibly talented instructor and feel very fortunate to have met you, and am now having fun playing golf thanks to your professional instruction.

Jim Caldwell

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