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Rick Gulley —

I started taking playing lessons from Gil 4 months ago. I was stuck at an 8 handicap for over a year and couldn’t seem to take it any lower.  I was very FRUSTRATED, no matter how hard I practiced and played, just couldn’t bring my handicap down…..Gil started me on some intensive training on the (short game) 100 yards in, practicing different clubs and different  trajectories, also on the thought process and the inner game.   Let me just say that he NEVER tried to change my basic swing in any way.  After a couple of weeks I started to see my scores consistently lowering. Since then I have logged in 2 rounds UNDER PAR!  My normal playing partners will no longer play me for money. I really like Gills teaching style, he works with YOUR swing, and he teaches ON THE COURSE, not so much on the range. Thanks Gil, for taking my game to the next level.

Rick Gulley
Mesa, AZ

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