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Arvinder Randhawa (Randy) —

I started playing golf about 2 years ago once in a while. I started playing continuously since January 2012. I had some indoor lessons before. But my short game was not very good, even my Tee short was not consistent. One day I met Gil when I was playing at Club West. Gil asked me if I would like improve my game give him a call, while he handed me over his business card. Couple of days later I called Gil and we agreed on some lessons. After some lessons I feel a big difference in my golf game. I am able to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before. and I learn with Gil that golf is not just a game, it is a process of learning to control your mind and body.

I would recommend Gil to anyone looking to become a better golfer or just improve on themselves. He has made the game fun to play with his unique knowledge of how to hit the ball in every aspect of the game.

Thanks for improving my game and we are not done yet. Keep it up.


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