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Diamond in the Rough  !!!!!!!!

I live in Minnesota and was planning a trip in Phoenix area and i wanted to get my 16 year old  daughter a golf lesson..(average score in low 90s)…I googled reasonable priced golf lessons and after searching for awhile a came upon Gil, i read every single review on multiple sites and all the reviews i read were 5 stars and a couple 4 star ratings. So i booked a 2 hour hour lesson with Gil ….He was able to find her weaknesses right away and he gave her  lessons on 3 parts of her game and also so had several drills and games for her to work on the range. He took several videos of my daughters swing with comments..He took us on the course after her 2 hour lesson….Gil is not only an instructor but you could also say he is a sports psychologist with all the positive feedbacks he gave her and making it that she doesnt get frustrated on the course can tell he has taken clinics himself in the sports psychology world……this guy named Gil is so upbeat and truly loves the game of golf…if I lived in Phoenix  I definitely would be back for more lessons…..couple of updates after my daughters lesson the next day….shot 87 at wigwam…..her average drive before lesson 170 yard drives…now 190 and she can play a draw at will thx again to GIL!!!!!!!!!

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