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Bill Bonnett —

After retiring to the beautiful Arizona area a year ago, I found that I continued to struggle with my golf game after 45 years of golfing. I had attended several golf schools in Wisconsin, Texas and Florida to find I still had a glitch with the game. I then had the opportunity to meet Gil through friends of mine and start a fresh approach of my game. After several 18 holes, observation, and instruction Gil brought me to new perspective about my game. At that point I felt I had nothing to lose but to learn more so I could enjoy my game and meet new friends. That is where he has brought me today!

His down to earth teaching approach and instruction has given me the ability to improve my game, enjoy the sport, and take at least 10 strokes off my score. For the first time in many years I am now enjoying my game and feel more accomplished. I highly recommend Gil as a Class A instructor and encourage anyone to the challenge of improving their game.


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