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Tanveer S. —

One of the best instructors I’ve ever had!  So my buddy and I decided to get golf lessons together because, well, we stink.  LOL!  I have had 5 different instructors in AZ, and had marginal success in terms of getting improvement.  I used good old Yelp to find one near our offices and we found Gil.  And the reviews were totally right!  He had us hitting BACKWARDS better than we did forwards.  He has a great approach and utilizes a lot of aids for drills and sports psychology which is tremendously helpful.  We have signed up for 6, two hour lessons and I am halfway through and thinking I will sign up for more.  This has been the first time I feel like someone is really helping me dial in on the weaknesses of my game and just through three lessons I already have more confidence in the short game (where we started learning) and have seen the instruction pay off in actual strokes.  We have a long way to go still, but I can say without a doubt Gil is really one of the best.  He even re-gripped our clubs, and fixed one of my clubs where the head came undone (pro tip from Gil: do NOT leave your clubs in the garage or in your car because in this heat the glue breaks down and the heads can come loose like mine did).  Stop getting dumb groupons and hitting off the PGA store fake turf into a computer like I did, and get out and Golf with Gil!

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