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Merdad Meraban —

My name is Merdad Meraban and I am a professional realtor in the valley and I started playing golf about 3 years ago. I learned to play on my own and I got by but soon IĀ  Found out that I can no longer improve my score since I was struggling with my putting pretty bad. Therefore I seeked the assistance and expertise of Mr. Gil BenavidezĀ  in April 2017 in order to help me improve my putting. I have only had two, two hours sessions with him but I have made significant improvement in my putting which is unbelievable. Mr. Benavidez is a committed instructor who cares about his students and he is also very quick in finding out the challenges of his students and he applies his unique and personalized techniques to swiftly correct them. I am very happy with the results I received and I recommend Mr. Benavidez to anyone to wants to improve his or her game.

All The Best!
Merdad Meraban

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