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Andrew Osburn —

My name is Andrew Osburn. I am the Assistant Golf Professional at Ken McDonald Golf Course.
In my time here I have work with, played golf with, and enjoyed my time with Gil Benavidez. Over the last ten months I have witnessed Mr. Benavidez give quality golf lessons, sell merchandise to a majority of his students, and be a great ambassador for the game of golf. Not only does Mr. Benavidez know a lot about the game of golf and how to teach it; but he also understands the ethics and behaviors that are required on the golf course. He teaches his students to abide by these standards and he holds himself to theses as well. Every time that I have played golf with or seen Mr.Benavidez on the golf course, he takes care of the grounds by parking the cart correctly, fix ball marks on the greens, and fill divots in the fairways. He makes sure to leave the course in better condition after he and his students have played the course. Mr. Benavidez has been a staple of our success over the time he has been here and will continue to be a valuable asset in the future. Please consider Mr. Benavidez as a fundamental part of what is Golf Tempe and Ken McDonald Golf Course.
Andrew Osburn
Golf Professional
Ken McDonald Golf Course

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