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­Jason Johnson —

I started getting instruction from Gil a couple of years ago after a hiatus from the game of approximately 15 years. Previous of that I took many lessons/classes from numerous club professionals and must say that with Gil’s teaching he has helped me build a base that has allowed my game to grow into something that I never thought possible. The biggest difference I have found is that while most instructors will work with you on the range rarely will they take what you have learned there and apply it to the course in actual gameplay like Gil does.

While I had a foundation of having learned the game during my formative years I still struggled to find the consistency to shoot rounds under 90, and truthfully found myself shooting over 95 more than not.

With Gil’s gameplay focused teaching we didn’t work constantly to rebuild my swing, instead we worked with it to highlight how I could find the sweet spot and deliver the PURE ball striking found in consistent golf.

When we started working together I could say that my weakest aspect was my short game. I would routinely add up shots around the green and rely on gimme putts to finish out holes. I believe our first 5 lessons were nothing more than short game “seminars” if you will and in my actual game play that first month no matter how close the putt I was to finish it out. While frustrating then, I realize now that this wake up call was one of the best things to happen to my game. We built a foundation, including getting a custom fit putter in order to develop that “stroke”. Now I’m one of the top putters in my men’s league, sinking more of those long distance putts, and draining those inside of ten feet routinely no longer relying on those old gimmes to get out of a hole.

In summary, finding Gil was the best thing to happen to my golf game and allowed me to go from frustration club slamming time to actually having a blast on the course. Scoring wise I’m now shooting around 80 routinely and owe a large part to the mentorship of Gil. My swing is not drastically different, but my attitude about everything else on the course is from when I first arrive to my pre­shot routine.

Even my attitude on the driving range and the practice green has changed. If you’re looking to discover your golf game then I believe you need to look no farther than Gil Benavidez.

­Jason Johnson

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