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John Rominger —


Finally went out and played 9 holes. Shot a 42 with 14 puts and 1 bird. I bladed a pitch and was hesitant on a chip or I would have gone lower. This score is close to where I was when I quit when I was around 45 but I was longer and my putting wasnt that good. I think I should start playing more.

This is all thanks to you organizing my practice/mind game. I still dont have a phrase for it- Directed Practice, Purposeful Practice, Dynamic Practice, Controlled Practice….?

I am in the fairway mostly but my third shot on a par 4 is usually a chip or a pitch. I am going to Texas at the end of the month, but when i get back I want to commit to 3 sessions on the full swing for starters.

I will be playing with a friend in a 2 man scramble at Ocotillo the 26th- should be fun.

Thanks again,


“The Road goes on forever, and the Party never ends…” -Robert Earl Keen

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