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Ginny Roszak —

When I started lessons with Gil I really was thinking about giving up the game of golf. Not for me, I thought. Had lessons over the years, saw little improvement, was intimidated by difficult courses and being paired up with good golfers. But as it was something my husband enjoyed and we could do together, I decided to give it one last shot. And that’s when I began lessons with Gil. Six hours of enjoyable lessons later, I have had an attitude change–most important! And my skill and comfort level have risen dramatically. Gil is one of those rare teachers who listens, observes, analyzes, then patiently and methodically tailors lessons just for your level and ability. No negativity allowed! since a positive mental attitude is crucial to your enjoyment of the game. Relaxed and humorous, Gil also stresses the serious side of the game in the importance of setting up correctly, having an intermediate target and correct follow through, and the importance of finishing a shot in a positive manner. Because of Gil I now enjoy practice, have more confidence in my game, and look forward to play. Thanks, Gil! I’ll be back next season!
Ginny Roszak

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