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Hao Liu —

For playing golf I am a total beginner. My motivation was to branch out to other sports than what I currently know. I found Gil from online sources. Although unable to make a reservation for a good time, Gil was able to eventually help me secure a 2-hour time slot. In terms of teaching basics for golf, Gil is an absolute expert. He starts from the ground up, explaining perfectly clear various terminologies used in games, taking students to watch people of all kinds of different skill levels play golf and patiently demonstrate putting/chipping with great tips, like how to measure one’s personal 20-foot putting average, a humming bird analogy to fixating head position while putting etc. Gil is a methodological and a very knowledgeable instructor, and likely the best given my first lesson experience and all the comments I’ve seen so far. I am now very motivated to keep practicing and advance to the next level real soon. Thanks Gil!

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