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Katryna & Leonor —

Golf was a brand new sport for both my fiancé and I in January. In as little as 6 months we have both

benefitted from having Gil as our golf instructor leading us to winning many different awards at different

golf tournaments. Together we’ve received longest drive, longest putt, closest to the pin and we even

contributed in a tournament having won with our team.

A new year’s resolution to learn how to play golf for our jobs ended up becoming an enjoyable hobby

for the both of us. Whether we are playing together or separately, we are both able to contribute to our

tournament teams playing a great average. We’ve not only learned how to play the sport, we’ve learned

to have fun and enjoy it. Which is really what Gil focuses on, having fun.

Gil has such a positive and enthusiastic view on golf. It is obvious he not only enjoys golf but absolutely

loves it. The enthusiasm and excitement that he exemplifies is hard to not replicate. The great thing is

that as a couple that is very competitive in sports, this is one sport we are always having fun with and

look forward to planning in our schedules together. Gil has a great talent in providing the best support

and knowledge to any type of golfer. As a couple we love to play golf, but we also have two different

learning styles and ways of playing. Gil was able to figure out how to best teach us how to learn

different skills and was able to help the both of us make sense of a new sport. The great thing about Gil

is he’s flexible in scheduling lessons. Our busy schedules usually do not let us do lessons together and

sometimes it does, either way there’s always a time Gil is able to meet with one or both of us.

What originally began as something to cross off the check off list for our jobs has developed into a

wonderful and leisurely sport for us. We recommend Gil to people who are both new and experienced

golfers as he always contributes something new to a lesson. If you are looking for a great golf instructor,

you’ve found the right person.

– Katryna & Leonor


Katrina Novelozo
Certified Flight Instructor
Pilot Element
UND Aerospace

Leonor J. Camarena
Development Specialist
Acquisition & Development
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.  |  1107 E. Tonto Street  |  Phoenix, AZ 85034

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