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Canadian snowbird —

I came down to Arizona for a month with the goal of getting my handicap down and understanding more about how the game is played properly and when to hit what shots. Within about a week I met Gil during a round and we set up a time for a lesson later in the week. i think I learned more about golf in the first 30 minutes of that lesson than I had learned in the past 10 years of playing regularly.

We filled in all the gaps in me yardages as well as got my wedge system right by adding a 60 and 54 degree wedge.

Throughout the month, we covered a ton of territory (driving, approach shots, the mental aspects of a round, tons of short game shots, common golf situations, etc.) all in a way that was a ton of fun and always felt like I was building on a solid foundation.

I can’t recommend Gil enough and I highly encourage anyone who is heading to Arizona who would like to improve their game to give him a call. I will absolutely be back!

Bradley Milne
Canadian snowbird

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