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Simple Tips for a Better Game —

REHEARSE YOUR FULL SWING MAKE DEAD AIM A GAME DIAL IN YOUR CHIPPING DISTANCE BE AMBITIOUS FROM FIVE FEET GET A FEEL FOR YOUR HALF WEDGES GET SERIOUS FROM THE SAND 1. REHEARSE YOUR FULL SWING Don’t be a mindless range rat when working on your full swing.Ensureyour personal “pre-swing routine” as you would on […]

Rules to live by —

1. Luck doesn’t exist. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Prepare yourself to be the best, and then the opportunity will arise. It doesn’t work the other way around. 2. SLOW DOWN. Rediscover your joy. When you feel a deep sense of relaxation throughout your whole body, you’re reminded of why you love […]

Golf Lesson Pricing —

I have a variety of programs, all based on your individual needs and goals. They range from golf lesson packs to complete Game Plans, that include video-based practice, club fitting, mobile lessons and more. Per Lesson Rates from $43 – $95  (price varies by location and plan)