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Marie Harder —

I have been taking golf lessons with Gil for years. Everytime I return to him its because an old “bad habit” has crept back into my game and I need his astute observation, diagnosis and correction. He is always friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in making sure that I return to hitting great shots and […]

Lenor —

Gil has been a fantastic golf instructor. I was fairly nervous to begin learning a new sport and originally began the sport for the ability to play at the conferences that I have to go to for work. I have met with Gil for 4 sessions already and have fallen in love with the sport. […]

Katrina —

I met Gil on the golf course when he was working with one of his students. They joined me and my husband and played a few holes with us. We liked Gil as soon as we met him, and after seeing his coaching style thought he could help me with my golf game. I have […]

Jim C. —

Gil is a wonderful golf instructor. He’s positive, knowledgable, and personable. I will definitely be working with him for the long term. He’s very welcoming to all skill levels and makes it easy for his students to fall in love with the game of golf. Jim C. Dec 9, 2014 Canadian snowbirds

Parag A. —

Gil has been my instructor for several years. He has been absolutely fantastic and has brought me along at a gradual pace. He has me playing golf for the fun of it,and now, thanks to him, I am really enjoying playing golf. Gil is a real student, he astounds me with his knowledge of every […]

Kathy Rose —

It has been a delight to work with Gil. I have been impressed by his dedication and professionalism. Gil has helped me in learning golf and after each session with him, I have seen marked improvement in my game. Kathy Rose 20years Arizona resident

John Amabisca —

I have been looking for a long time for a coach to put the fun back in golf and Gil is Da Man!  He really loves what he does and it shows everywhere.  He is very encouraging, observant and professional.  The time in our lessons fly’s by because I’m having so much fun while straightening […]

Bill Comer —

been golfing for 45 years with my goal to be better and more consistent. Current 18 hole scores can range from low 80’s to 100+ Had my initial lesson with Gil today at The Foothills Golf course in South Phoenix. I’ve been golfing for many years and to date, never had a lesson; my bad […]

John Rominger —

Gil, Finally went out and played 9 holes. Shot a 42 with 14 puts and 1 bird. I bladed a pitch and was hesitant on a chip or I would have gone lower. This score is close to where I was when I quit when I was around 45 but I was longer and my […]

Nic parks —

“My first lesson with Gil was awesome! He is light-hearted, great guy, with a heart to coach. You can tell he isn’t about the money; he just loves the game and wants to help others! As an experienced (but fundamentally inexperienced) golfer, Gil took me through the fundamentals with patience and even in one 2hr […]