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Nicole —

Gil is an amazing instructor! He not only teaches the physical skills needed to improve your golf game, but also the much over looked mental aspects of the game.  He emphasizes practicing like you play on the course for every swing, even down to getting into the habit of your mental pre-shot routine before striking the ball.  He provides immediate feedback and helps to remind you to stay positive even when you mis-hit the ball.  His drills are great in helping you to work on whatever part of your games needs improvement.  I love that he focuses on my short game because his vast experience of the game knows that you can take several strokes off of your score by focusing on your chipping and putting.  He creates games for practicing that are not only fun, but create game like situations to improve your game. Without a doubt, I would recommend taking lessons from Gil to anybody!

Lynn Marion —

Another fantastic lesson with Gil is in the books and I am so thankful to have found him.  I’ve had other golf instructors but none compare in the least to Gil.  He teaches the mental side to allow you to understand, prepare and have control of yourself and your swing.  We also did fun drills and games for work on mechanics which made a huge difference in my putting already.  Gil is fun, positive and believe me whatever you want to work on he’s game for it – it’s your lesson and he listens to what your goals for the lesson are.  Simply the best!  Thank you Gil!

Tim Kunst —

Diamond in the Rough  !!!!!!!!

I live in Minnesota and was planning a trip in Phoenix area and i wanted to get my 16 year old  daughter a golf lesson..(average score in low 90s)…I googled reasonable priced golf lessons and after searching for awhile a came upon Gil, i read every single review on multiple sites and all the reviews i read were 5 stars and a couple 4 star ratings. So i booked a 2 hour hour lesson with Gil ….He was able to find her weaknesses right away and he gave her  lessons on 3 parts of her game and also so had several drills and games for her to work on the range. He took several videos of my daughters swing with comments..He took us on the course after her 2 hour lesson….Gil is not only an instructor but you could also say he is a sports psychologist with all the positive feedbacks he gave her and making it that she doesnt get frustrated on the course can tell he has taken clinics himself in the sports psychology world……this guy named Gil is so upbeat and truly loves the game of golf…if I lived in Phoenix  I definitely would be back for more lessons…..couple of updates after my daughters lesson the next day….shot 87 at wigwam…..her average drive before lesson 170 yard drives…now 190 and she can play a draw at will thx again to GIL!!!!!!!!!

Nate mcChesney —

I had 3 great lessons so far with Gil. He has really ingrained in me the importance of a rock solid pre-shot and post-shot routine. When I first saw him I was hovering around a 9 handicap (going the wrong direction), and have quickly worked down to a 7 (with much better consistency in my rounds). Gil was super helpful in getting me away from worrying about swing mechanics on the course, and getting me back to just executing shots and having fun.

Tanveer S. —

One of the best instructors I’ve ever had!  So my buddy and I decided to get golf lessons together because, well, we stink.  LOL!  I have had 5 different instructors in AZ, and had marginal success in terms of getting improvement.  I used good old Yelp to find one near our offices and we found Gil.  And the reviews were totally right!  He had us hitting BACKWARDS better than we did forwards.  He has a great approach and utilizes a lot of aids for drills and sports psychology which is tremendously helpful.  We have signed up for 6, two hour lessons and I am halfway through and thinking I will sign up for more.  This has been the first time I feel like someone is really helping me dial in on the weaknesses of my game and just through three lessons I already have more confidence in the short game (where we started learning) and have seen the instruction pay off in actual strokes.  We have a long way to go still, but I can say without a doubt Gil is really one of the best.  He even re-gripped our clubs, and fixed one of my clubs where the head came undone (pro tip from Gil: do NOT leave your clubs in the garage or in your car because in this heat the glue breaks down and the heads can come loose like mine did).  Stop getting dumb groupons and hitting off the PGA store fake turf into a computer like I did, and get out and Golf with Gil!

Nate McChesney —

I had 3 great lessons so far with Gil. He has really ingrained in me the importance of a rock solid pre-shot and post-shot routine. When I first saw him I was hovering around a 9 handicap (going the wrong direction), and have quickly worked down to a 7 (with much better consistency in my rounds). Gil was super helpful in getting me away from worrying about swing mechanics on the course, and getting me back to just executing shots and having fun. Great teacher, and great value!

Merdad Meraban —

My name is Merdad Meraban and I am a professional realtor in the valley and I started playing golf about 3 years ago. I learned to play on my own and I got by but soon I  Found out that I can no longer improve my score since I was struggling with my putting pretty bad. Therefore I seeked the assistance and expertise of Mr. Gil Benavidez  in April 2017 in order to help me improve my putting. I have only had two, two hours sessions with him but I have made significant improvement in my putting which is unbelievable. Mr. Benavidez is a committed instructor who cares about his students and he is also very quick in finding out the challenges of his students and he applies his unique and personalized techniques to swiftly correct them. I am very happy with the results I received and I recommend Mr. Benavidez to anyone to wants to improve his or her game.

All The Best!
Merdad Meraban

Andrew Osburn —

My name is Andrew Osburn. I am the Assistant Golf Professional at Ken McDonald Golf Course.
In my time here I have work with, played golf with, and enjoyed my time with Gil Benavidez. Over the last ten months I have witnessed Mr. Benavidez give quality golf lessons, sell merchandise to a majority of his students, and be a great ambassador for the game of golf. Not only does Mr. Benavidez know a lot about the game of golf and how to teach it; but he also understands the ethics and behaviors that are required on the golf course. He teaches his students to abide by these standards and he holds himself to theses as well. Every time that I have played golf with or seen Mr.Benavidez on the golf course, he takes care of the grounds by parking the cart correctly, fix ball marks on the greens, and fill divots in the fairways. He makes sure to leave the course in better condition after he and his students have played the course. Mr. Benavidez has been a staple of our success over the time he has been here and will continue to be a valuable asset in the future. Please consider Mr. Benavidez as a fundamental part of what is Golf Tempe and Ken McDonald Golf Course.
Andrew Osburn
Golf Professional
Ken McDonald Golf Course

Kent Nelson —

Gil is better than “as good as it gets.”  Over the past 20 years I have taken a variety a golf lessons – some specific, some general, some singles, some as a series.  Gil is the best … by far.  We did a series of lessons at Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona, covered all the basics, homed in on some specific areas where I struggled, and I am better for every minute we’ve spent.  Though with plenty of physical and technical instruction, Gil adds a mental and attitude instruction that perhaps has been the most valuable benefit of all.  He also did an amazing club fitting for me and assisted in ordering new irons and rescue clubs tailored to my specifications.  I happily recommend Golf with Gil to any and all and will no doubt take more lessons with Gil myself.  Oh, and he’s fun, too!

Kent Nelson, Arizona Snowbird
Colorado Resident
March 3, 2017